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About us is a flasghip brand of Printosh Advertising specializing in the full coverage of the NFT market segment from the idea through marketing to B2B applications, to the complex services of the final development phase and maintenance. Printosh Advertising is a digital innovation agency and software development company. We help companies to enter the market or develop products for their own use that can be successful in 3-5 years time. We try to invent and build future-proof things, working closely with the customer, as they are the ones knowing their own business and market, and we work with them hand in hand as a digital product development specialist. This is because there is a serious risk for customers, due to rapidly changing technological conditions and consumer needs, whether a development with great sacrifices will remain successful for the years to come.

Everything about NFT. Complex guidance, design, development and service in one hand.

NFT Marketplace Development

Non-Fungible Token Development

NFT Games Development

NFT Art and more Tokenization

Marketplace for NFT Arts Development

NFT Platform for Music

Crypto Collectibles Development

NFT Services and more

Our mission

To show - and help you decide - what the differences are between the marketing and sales processes and which ones are necessary and useful to use, according to the specific needs that we have assessed before making a decision.

The main differences, which are also the existing characteristics of the NFT market:


This is the process by which we convince our customers through our ideas and outlinea a long-term, sustainable vision demonstrating the benefits and influence of your own product on the customer segment.

Sales process

The process of achieving a set of goals of our customers who turn to us and making them suitable by describing the characteristics of the product and determining the required costs to solve the task.




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